Tomb Raider Slots

Tomb Raider Slots

The slinky adventuress Lara Croft has been "entertaining" excited young gamers for years and she's looking pretty good for her age. Perhaps the best way to give her a good eyeballing in this modern era is on Tomb Raider Slots. These games, available at all good Microgaming casinos, feature the buxom warrior in an pyrotechnic video slots extravaganza.

The game, titled Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, features a massive 30 lines across 5 reels, giving you loads of chances to win with each spin. The limits for symbol matching are also pretty lenient. You need only collect two of any one type to receive a prize.

The symbols themselves are either pictures of Lara jumping around and/or being sexy, along with card numbers from 10-A. There's also a special video icon which can act as a substitute for any other symbol and will add bonuses to your score total. These moving pictures are a great example of the quality of this digital machine. Everything from the music to the graphics really do a good job of encapsulating the feel of the Tomb Raider video game.

There are a few more special symbols in Tomb Raider Slots which you'll want to look out for while the reels are spinning. A selection glowing green trinkets may arrive at any point, providing you access to the Super Mode bonus. These award 5 free spins and create wild positions which are held in place as the rest of the machine spins. As the reels grind to a halt, if you manage to acquire two of these trinket symbols, some exciting tribal drumming will being to play in anticipation of you landing a third to start the bonus fun. Sadly, given that you usually miss out on the final piece of the puzzle, it's often an anti-climactic experience.

The second rare option is the passport symbol. These do practically nothing most of the time, but if one lands in the middle row its reel becomes activate. A blue light will illuminate that section of the machine until the Global Adventure Bonus has been activated. This game-within-a-game takes over the screen as soon as all five of your reels have become activated.

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Now you're on the hunt for the titular Sword, which has been broken into pieces and scattered around the world. As Lara, you can select various exotic locations to explore, with sword pieces and other cash prizes waiting for you to unlock. Beware, however, that you don't run into any of the hidden traps. These can get as complex as a fully animated gun fight between Lara and her enemies. It's impressive stuff for what could have been just a simple slot machine. Two of these traps will end your Global Adventure and you'll need to collect another five middle-row passports for another trip.

Straightforward slots are good fun, we all know that. The danger when you add a package of bells and whistles is that you'll dilute the core experience, but Tomb Raider Slots avoid that problem. The additions do genuinely boost the enjoyment, providing hours of potential entertainment.