Online Roulette

One of the oldest casino games in the world is Roulette. The simple casino game dates back to France in the 1700s. The rules of Roulette make it an easy game for any beginner to learn. There is little to be said about Roulette strategy since mostly all bets are equal in value. Roulette has amazingly survived centuries without being altered. It is still a popular casino game and is widely played on the Internet. Roulette is a game that celebrates simplicity and will have all players addicted in no time.

The story of Roulette is truly a fascinating one. Roulette originated in France during the 1700s. Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, created an earlier form of Roulette just one century prior. The original Roulette wheels had two “house pockets” (zeroes) that would automatically win for the house whenever the ball landed on them. To compete with casinos offering double-zero Roulette, Louis and Francois Blanc created a Roulette wheel that had only one zero. This single-zero Roulette wheel offered players better odds and spread all over Europe. Double-zero Roulette arrived in New Orleans and was quickly picked up by casino cheaters. To prevent cheating, a simplified betting layout was created. The new betting layout, whether double or single-zero, became the new standard around the world. Many Online Casinos for USA Players offer both versions of roulette. If they happen to offer both, you should always play single 0 rather than double 0.

Roulette’s rules are very easy to understand. Every Roulette wheel is adorned with the numbers 1-36 around it with one or two zeroes added. These numbers are not in order. Players bet on which number or group the number that comes up will belong to. For example, a player can bet all the red or odd numbers. Other players may want to bet the first column of numbers on the betting layout. The wheel and ball are spun by the dealer in opposite directions. The ball lands on a number and that number is the winner. The winners are those players that bet the number or group with that number within it. Roulette is that simple!

There is not much strategy to Roulette. No bet is better than any other since all bets have equal expected values. The difference between American and French Roulette wheels is huge, however, when devising a strategy. Since the French Roulette wheel has one less zero, it is more profitable for gamblers to play with this wheel. Therefore, if a player ever has the choice between a French wheel and an American wheel, the choice should be the French wheel. With a better chance of hitting, outside bets are better than inside bets when factoring in variance. However, the payouts are less for these bets.

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