Millionaire's Club Slots

Millionaire's Club Slots

Diamonds big as a baseball, private jets, the butler, and all the trimmings of the millionaire lifestyle: who wouldn’t want a taste of that? Well, the Millionaires Club slots game, one of the most popular slot games in the world, offers you just that!

The Millionaires Club has a progressive jackpots which can certainly jumpstart your millionaire lifestyle. With a minimum value of $175,000, and increases of approximately $35,000 each day it’s not won, big wins are the name of the game! You can take a shot at these jackpots for $0.10 a line, or bump it up as high as $2.00 a line. As the lavish and luxurious symbols line up to show you what the rich and famous are buying, a lucky combination might just find you joining their lineup!

Millionaires Club features two versions, a 5 reel, 9 payline slot, and a 3 reel, 3 coin slot. Though the two versions use different symbols, never fear, because both versions tie into give every player a chance at the big jackpots.

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The biggest payline payout comes when the platinum credit card symbol lines up 5 in a row, and you win a huge 10,000 credits. Bonuses include the Millionaires Club Bonus Game. If you’re lucky, your winnings can grow with each spin, at the same time giving you a chance to hit the big jackpot.

If you are looking for the world of opulence and riches, the Millionaires Club is where you’ll find it. And before you know it, you could be joining a whole new type of Millionaires Club!