Fantastic Four Slots

Below you will find the biggest Fantastic Four Slots Jackpots and details about Fantastic Four Slots. Unfortunately, US players cannot play The Fantastic Four Slot Machine; however, they can win huge jackpots playing Rome Monster Madness!

Fantastic Four Jackpot

NO US PLAYERS | Date Verified: December 31, 1969 06:00 PM ET
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Fantastic Four Slots

Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing make up the crime-fighting team called The Fantastic Four. The comic was created in 1961 by Stan Lee and was recently made into a movie in 2005. Now this Marvel Comic crime fighting team is featured in a new Crypto slot called The Fantastic Four.

While the Fantastic Four has been enjoyed by many fans in the United States, they will be upset to hear that they will not be able to enjoy the Fantastic Four machine. The game is featured on PartyPoker Casino, Ladbrokes Casino and bet365 Casino, which do not accept US players. As for players who can play on these casinos, they will be able to fight along side of their favorite crime fighting team that features coin sizes from as small as one cent all the way up to five dollars.

The Fantastic Four is a five-slot, 25-payline game. The game features playing card like symbols, from 9 to A, wilds, the Fantastic Four symbol, characters and other symbols. Collecting two or more scatter symbols allow you to win.

If players collect they or more of the bonus symbol they will active the bonus game. In the Fantastic Four bonus game, players will select one of the Fantastic Four chracters or Dr Doom. After the selection, players will be awarded a random amount of free spins. All five have a set number, so your goal is to select the one that carries the most.

If you always dreamed about fighting along side of the Fantastic Four, you will have your chance to in this slot. This game, based on the popular Marvel Comics comic book will keep players entertained and hopefully line their pockets!