Dog Casher Slots

Dog Casher Slots

3D slot machines are becoming all the rage in the online casino world. With more and more 3d slots popping up, you may start finding it hard to find which one is right for you. One exiciting new slot you should keep an eye on is Dog Ca$her by Rival.

Dog Casher has an interesting story and even has a small flash-based introduction showing players the premise of the game. The story revolves around a dog named Cheri who lives with a rich owner, but is unhappy because this life is lonely and she lacks the companionship of other dogs. Because of this, Cheri decides to leave her posh life behind in order to meet some friends. While doing this, though, Cheri becomes captured by the "Dog Ca$her." The story and game then revolves around Cheri trying to escape and return to her friends.

The game itself is a 5-reel, 20-payline that features a lot of the same features that similar online slot machines offer. This includes scatter symbols, which are represented by the keys and gives out free spins, and wild symbols, which are represented by the Dog Catcher, means more wins. There is also a "Click Me" game if you end up with three dog catcher vans in reels two, three and four. In this mini-game, players click on the vans and collect additional tokens until they click on the van that says "collect." They will then collect all the coins gathered until that point.

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The 3d slot also features crisp animation and music and the reels are filled with some of Cheri's lost friends. They also include Cheri's owner, a blonde female who is desparately looking to find Cheri, the kennel Cheri was captured in, a food bowl and various other symbols that give fantastic payouts and possible free spins. Players will find they can bet anywhere from $0.01 to $5.00 per token, making it possible to win big while playing Dog Casher!

If you are looking for a fun, new 3d slot machine, we definitely recommend trying Dog Ca$her. The fun story line of helping Cheri escape the villanous dog catcher and reunite her with her owner and friends, as well as the 3D feature and the nice animations and music make Dog Casher one fantastic slot worth checking out.